Rebels. Founders. Icons.

If you are a rebellious art lover who enjoys a good story, look no further. Here you will find fine art, prints, and merchandise featuring Rebels, Founders & Icons you know, recognize and love. Each one began as an original painting by artist Lindsay Ekstrom.

Introducing Tatted Teddy

Meet the newest member of LX Artworks' collection of Rebels, Founders, and Icons: Tatted Teddy Roosevelt.

Fun and meaningful fine art to collect and share.


Framed & unframed museum-quality art prints.

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Fine art you can wear wherever you go.

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Small items and gifts to collect and share.

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Discover the symbols & stories
hidden in every work of art.

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Guide to symbols & stories included

Each product includes an 8x10" guide that explains the story of the Rebel Founder or Icon featured.

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Locally sourced, made in-house

LX Artworks is a family owned and operated business that believes in keeping things local. That's why our products are locally sourced & printed in house.

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Timeless pieces for every fine art collection

Fine art is an investment in your legacy. Our goal is to make your commissioned art experience deeply personal and rewarding.

collector stories


Thank you for this experience. I love being able to see my hero, Stevie Nicks, in my home every day.

Mike & Jessica McCarthy - Dallas Cowboys

I love collecting each sticker as they drop. I'm starting small, but I'm an art collector."

Ellie J.

I absolutely LOVE my queen tee! I can't wear it without getting compliments.

Frankie F.

My clients and I love LX pieces! I love Lindsay's bold use of color and the human stories she is able to capture through her portraits. Not only do I have LX Artworks pieces in my own home, but I regularly have clients asking for them in their homes as well. I love using Lindsay's work in my interior designs!

Abbe Fenimore - Studio Ten 25

The 'Rich Queen' looks so amazing in my room!

Morgan Hale - DFW Fashion Influencer
Celebrate Histories.