About The Artist

Lindsay Ekstrom is a self-taught, Dallas-based artist who crafts original portraits that reveal the unknown histories of well-known Rebels, Founders, and Icons of the past and present.

Ekstrom has affectionately dubbed her unique style “Portrait Pop”, as it is reminiscent of both traditional portraiture and pop art. Ekstrom simultaneously embraces and subverts the traditions of these established art styles. While she frames and positions her subjects in a stately manner, she also brings them down to earth through their contemporary fashion, tattoos, accessories, and attitudes.

“I don’t just put historical figures in modern clothes for a laugh,” the artist says of her work. “The fashion, the clothes they wear, even their body language are all symbols that tell their life story.”

Before embarking on a new project, Ekstrom meticulously researches each subject to ensure that she represents them in a way that is relevant and historically- accurate. From this, her unique portraits are born.

Ekstrom is the creative force at the helm of LX Artworks, a global fine art brand that showcases and expands her work to audiences around the world.

LX Artworks is headquartered in McKinney, Texas at LX Artworks Gallery, which serves as an exhibition space and storefront for Ekstrom’s work.

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Lindsay's Process

Getting the story straight is very important to artist, Lindsay Ekstrom. Before painting a new portrait of a rebel, founder, or icon she spends weeks to months researching them. When she feels she understands them and the importance of their life she sets out to paint them with honesty, sharing what she has learned.

As Lindsay uncovers facts and stories she converts them into symbols that she includes in her painting. These symbols can be jewelry, tattoos, body language, or clothing.

Finally, Lindsay explains the meaning behind these symbols and Easter eggs in an 8x10" written document called the "art key".

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