About the gallery

LX Artworks Gallery is a fine art exhibition space devoted to the history of Rebels, Founders, & Icons. The gallery houses the work of artist Lindsay Ekstrom, as it doubles as an exhibition space and permanent installation of her work.

Located in a 100-year-old mill in McKinney Texas, LX Artworks Gallery seeks to disrupt the DFW art scene by presenting a fresh take on the contemporary art gallery. LX Artworks Gallery creates an open space where anyone can interact with, learn about, and participate in the art world. LX Artworks Gallery hosts various exhibitions throughout the year and is a space where past and present intersect purposefully.

Lindsay Ekstrom is a self-taught, Dallas-based artist who crafts original portraits that recount the lesser-known histories of well-known Rebels, Founders, and Icons of the past and present.

“I don’t just put historical figures in modern clothes for a laugh,” the artist says of her work. “The fashion, the clothes they wear, even their body language are all symbols that tell their life story.”

The LX Artworks Gallery Experience


LX Artworks Gallery is the largest collection of Lindsay Ekstrom's work all in one place. Visitors and art buyers can enjoy viewing original acrylic paintings and giclée prints. At the gallery, we offer a shopping experience that is tailored to fine art collectors. Our gallery team will gladly help you choose the perfect piece for your collection.


At LX Artworks Gallery you can find everything from an original painting by Lindsay Ekstrom to a collectible vinyl sticker of that very same work. We want everyone from every budget range to be able to afford and connect with Lindsay's work.


LX Artworks Gallery was built to be an asset and resource to the local community. LX Artworks Gallery regularly hosts educational events where visitors can come to learn about Lindsay's art and its place in art history from the mouth of the artist and her curatorial team. These monthly events are free and open to the public.