The Collector Experience

We understand that your art collection is an integral part of your legacy. Your investment in art reflects both financial acumen and your desire to surround yourself with beauty and creativity. 

As an art collector, you understand the value of art not only as a form of cultural expression but also as a tangible asset with the potential for great appreciation over time. A fundamental principle of ours is to protect and grow the value of the original artworks by Lindsay Ekstrom. The growth of our brand is guided by this principal.

Our collector community is a diverse group of rebellious and innovative taste makers. They are individuals who have excelled in their respective fields and reflect on the founders that came before them. They are curious about the rebels who broke traditions while they themselves are challenging convention. They are dynamic and influential individuals who make significant contributions to both the professional world and the cultural landscape.

The gallery space is built for our collectors to gather, celebrate, and to be inspired with friends and family.

Our world-class gallery team warmly welcomes our collectors for either a casual visit or for one of our private collectors only evenings.